Kitchen Hospitality
To invite a guest for a meal is to bring them into the heart of your world, to the table at the centre of your home, of your family. To prepare a meal for a guest is to be intentional in seeking to build relationship with them, to bless them and to offer them the gift of hospitality. The kitchen, which is the hub of the church centre at Holy Rood church, has been extensively refurbished during the summer and is now open. The refurbishment of the kitchen has been an intentional move by Crofton Parish to enable us to broaden our gift of hospitality to the community, to friends already met and to friends as yet unknown. Ultimately this is looking to emulate the Lord’s offer of hospitality at his table, in Holy Communion, his intentional act of seeking relationship with all.

E-mail: Office telephone number: 01329 661154 (Mondays to Fridays 9 am to 1 pm)

Europe 2 Europe

‘Europe to Europe’  is a relatively small Hampshire-based charity that has regularly punched above its weight in terms of what it’s achieved on limited financial resources, particularly in Romania. Graham Giles, who is a member of Holy Rood is heavily involved in this wonderful charity. Raluca Bragare, who is the Head of Communications in the British Embassy in Bucharest has written a blog about what Europe 2 Europe does and can be found by clicking here. Europe 2 Europe's website can be found here.

Compassion Sunday - 28th September

This church supports the Christian child sponsorship charity Compassion financially, through prayer and through the direct sponsorship by church members of children in many countries across the world.

The aim of Compassion is to release children from poverty in Jesus’ name, and on Sunday 28 September our guest speaker at the 9.30am family service is Janay, a formerly sponsored child from Calcutta, India who has just completed a Masters degree at Manchester University. Come and hear him speak at the 9.30am service on 28 September about his experience as a Compassion sponsored child, and be inspired by his story of hope and redemption.


Janay from Calcutta, a formerly sponsored child with Compassion




Dr Adam Bradford - Saturday 18th October 2014 10-4pm

We are very privileged to have Dr Bradford back at Holy Rood to give us afresh insight into Luke’s gospel.  Dr Bradford has an amazing skill at helping us look at the Bible in a new way
Dr Bradford enthralled his audience at Detling Bible Week with his latest book, 'The Medical Gospel of Luke - As Told To Him By Mary, the Mother of Jesus' which examines Luke's gospel from nine fresh perspectives and has been highly acclaimed by two professorial reviewers as 'masterful'.
Dr Bradford, a Jewish Christian is the senior partner in a 7 doctor Christian practice, an NHS Commissioner and also first-team doctor to Blackheath Rugby, the world's oldest open rugby club. He is married to Gloria, and they have 4 children aged 24 - 17, all with active faith

There will be 2 main sessions:-
Theophilus/Paul, Mary as primary source 
Jesus' humour + Luke's medical language 

Please bring your own food for lunch – drinks will be provided
There is no charge, but to help with arrangements, please book through Holy Rood Church Office 01329 661154

Compassion - in Jesus' name

Join Stephen and Diane at this Compassion presentation in Worthing on 18th September, leaving from Holy Rood at 6pm. Well know speaker J John will be sharing stories of how lives, families and communities have been transformed through regular child sponsorship. Hear from young people themselves. Be part of the story. Contact Stephen on





We are launching a new congregation which will gather together on the first Sunday of the month, at 6.30pm, at Holy Rood.  The Causeway congregation is open to everyone but when we meet for worship there will be special provision for adults with learning difficulties.  The great thing is we can all learn from one another and worship is enriched when abilities and traditions and ages are mixed - enriched that is, if we approach it with the right heart.  So do join us on the first Sunday of the month.



‘You heard my cry for mercy when I called to you for help’ Psalm 31:22
Every day there is prayer going on in this church for all kinds of different people and situations. Some are anxious about family members, or facing illness, unemployment or money problems. If you would like prayer for any situation please click on the Prayer Requests button and email  You don’t have to give your name if you’d rather not, but please be assured that anything you say or share with us will be treated in the strictest confidence. If you would like one of the clergy to pray for you at home that can also be arranged. Outside of office hours please email our clergy: