Holy Rood Communion


Crofton Church of England Parish covers the communities of Stubbington and Hill Head which lie between Southampton and Portsmouth.  There are two church buildings in the parish; the larger and newer is Holy Rood while the smaller, older building is St Edmunds (sometime known as Crofton Old Church).

The vision of the parish is 
•    To learn intentionally how to be followers of Christ
•    To resource church members
•    To be united for mission around a variety of expressions of church

Whether you live in the area or are just visiting, whether you have a Christian faith or are just interested in finding out more, you would be very welcome to join us at any of our meetings.

If you have any questions about Holy Rood and St. Edmund's please contact the Parish Office on 01329 661154 or email office@croftonparish.org.uk.


New Website

The construction of Crofton Parish’s new website is well under way and it should be going live soon.  This will give the parish a more up-to-date website that can be viewed as easily on mobiles as on full size screens.  It will also be easier to keep current.The new site will use the same address as the current site so you access it in the same way as the current site; although if you have bookmarks to pages other than the home page they will start to return “page not found” errors.We are obviously planning for a seamless switch over, but iis possible there will be some teething problems – please bear with us.
We are putting most of our effort into creating the new site, so we apologise that this site is not being updated as frequently as it was.


Vicar Vacancy Update

The information about ourselves and the qualities of the vicar we are seeking are available on Portsmouth Diocesan website at http://portsmouth.anglican.org/bishop/clergy_vacancies/vicar_crofton_parish_stubbington/ .  Please continue to pray that the right person will see the advert and apply, and that our bishop, archdeacon and churchwardens will be given God's wisdom in the appointment. 

Messy Church

MESSY CHURCH: The Once-a-month Not-on-a-Sunday Church, at Holy Rood, Stubbington

 ·Have you thought about going to church but Sundays are just too busy? 

·Do you feel like a taxi service for your children as you take them from one activity to another?

· Would you like to meet other families in your area?

Then Messy Church is just for you....

A relaxed and informal church with a warm welcome for the whole family with craft, songs, and a hot meal together - and plenty of opportunity to have fun and make a mess! 

Mums, dads, grandads, grandmas, carers will find a place to spend quality time with the children and grandchildren, and make links with other families

Messy Church is on the 2nd Wednesday of the month, 3.15 to 5.30pm, the next one is on Wednesday 14 October. Just come along to the church centre in Gosport Road, Stubbington, or phone the church office, 01329 661154, for more information.


The Causeway congregation gathers together on the first Sunday of the month, from 6.30pm – 7.30pm, at Holy Rood Church. Drinks are available from 6pm. This congregation is open to everyone but when we meet for worship there will be special provision for adults with learning disabilities. The great thing is that we can all learn from one another and worship is enriched when abilities, traditions and ages are mixed – enriched, that is, if we approach it with the right heart.  So do join us on the first Sunday of the month.



‘You heard my cry for mercy when I called to you for help’ Psalm 31:22
Every day there is prayer going on in this church for all kinds of different people and situations. Some are anxious about family members, or facing illness, unemployment or money problems. If you would like prayer for any situation please click on the Prayer Requests button and email prayer@croftonparish.org.uk  You don’t have to give your name if you’d rather not, but please be assured that anything you say or share with us will be treated in the strictest confidence. If you would like one of the clergy to pray for you at home that can also be arranged. Outside of office hours please email our clergy: clergy@croftonparish.org.uk