5 Year Vision

Vision Aim 1 - To resource church members, the local community and the wider church

To offer regular opportunity of praying for and with the local community

To help people identify, develop, and use their God-given gifts for wherever He sends them

To develop friendships within the community

To support people in, for example, parenting, money management and marriage; or other need as God may reveal

We will do this by: 

Employing a part time community worker 

Promoting social events 

Working in partnership with other youth organisations and other churches locally, nationally and globally 

Vision Aim 2 - To learn intentionally how to be followers of Christ

To learn what it means to be evangelical Anglicans in our teaching and practice

To help every member identify, develop and fulfil God’s call

To ensure that members are discipled in small groups and are in accountable relationships

To be good stewards of God’s creation and provision

To support a growing children’s and youth ministry

We will do this by: 

Sharing testimony to God’s activity 

Resourcing a large team of adult children and youth leaders and developing youth discipleship groups 

Providing consistency between Sunday and  other teaching 

Vision Aim 3 - To be united for mission around a variety of expressions of church

Develop the formal 11:10 service with a focus on Biblical equipping for Christian discipleship

Offer a complementary Common Worship Eucharist at St Edmunds

Develop all aspects of the 9:30 gathering, to be accessible to all, with a Biblical teaching focus on issues of     contemporary interest

Develop the 6:30 service with an informal focus on the opportunity for God to speak to our hearts and minds

Start an after school church for families with younger children. (Messy Church)

Ensure that all services are welcoming to newcomers

Encourage other new congregations and expressions of church to emerge

To achieve all the above we will need: 

Good communications including a dynamic and inspiring website 

A corporate image to enhance our visibility 

Targeted, strong, clear information 

Improved facilities that are more welcoming, with greater capacity, and more flexibility

To integrate the history of St Edmunds with its role as a living church for today 

To do all of this in a way that demonstrates generosity within the community

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