What are we about? We’re about getting other blokes to know Jesus.  Guys who are already full-on for him need to be fuelled, blokes who are on the edge we want to get in closer, men who wouldn’t set foot inside a church we want to spark interest.

How are we going to do this?  By getting to know other chaps,  staging events  men want to go to, and by plain old telling people about Jesus.

What have we done so far? We’ve had breakfasts in the hall and grilled fish on the beach,  we’ve had chilli in the pub and barbeque s in the garden.  We’ve been sailing on the Solent and visited the Coastguard Station. We’ve remembered the fallen with the locals, and remembered them where they fell.  We’ve won the village Tug-O-War, and sung carols in public, and cheered on the football.  The Christians have faced the Lions in the quiz and kept their limbs, we’ve had The Big But, The Tool Box, The Fire Works, and The Crazy Way. Pizzas have been delivered mid sermon, and had the Dads crèche. We’ve staged comedy in the pews and  we’ve studied Gods word in the Pub and in the small group.  Very importantly some men gathered to pray twice a month many years ago and they still do it now.

Want to know more????? 


Rev. Stephen Girling & Phil Charlton.