Our Beliefs

Is our existence on this earth only a matter of pure chance? Are we anything more than a bunch of chemicals that go back to the ground when we die?  If you believe that the "Big Bang" proves that there is no God - what was there before the Big Bang? Is there any meaning to this life let alone the next?

These are hard but exciting questions! At Crofton we believe that God is the controlling hand behind our universe; that human life is not just a matter of chance and that God wants to be part of our lives.  Indeed, Jesus is recorded as saying in the Bible that he came to earth that we "may have life, and have it to the full". Jesus wasn't just talking about the after-life: he said that he wants us to live life to the full now while we are still living on this earth!

The Bible clearly teaches that there is a gulf between man and God that cannot be crossed  by our own human efforts (whether we think we are inherently "good" people or not). The Bible also teaches that Jesus came to earth to tell us how we could be reconciled to God: his death made that reconciliation possible.  We cannot enjoy living to the full as Jesus envisaged unless we are willing to come to God and seek reconciliation. Being reconciled to God means not only that we can look forward with confidence to going to heaven when we die, but also that we can be forgiven, renewed and transformed while still living on this earth!

If you would like to know more about the Christian faith then why not come along to one of our services (or to the Alpha course next time it is running), or alternatively please feel free to e-mail us any questions you may have by clicking here.


To be a resourcing church

To be intentional disciples of Jesus

To do church in different ways

Our Core Values

At Crofton we seek to live by the following core values, namely:

 Kingdom-focused life - we recognise that we are subject to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. We actively seek to proclaim and joyfully celebrate the growth of God's kingdom in all aspects of our lives

Word-centred life - we are confident in the living authority and trustworthiness of the Bible as God's written word to us in all matters of faith and lifestyle.  We believe that Jesus Christ himself is the complete and eternal Word of God to humanity

Spirit-empowered life - we actively seek the presence, pleasure and purposes of God for all his people.  Thus we eagerly desire the fullness of the Holy Spirit in the life of our church so that we may clearly and maturely display the glory of Jesus Christ

Fully-consecrated life - we are dedicated to being disciples of Jesus whose daily lives are marked by ongoing spiritual growth and maturity, and the discipling of others

Compassion motivated life - we are motivated by the love of God and the life of Jesus to work for local, national and global justice both in terms of human society and the natural environment

Prayer-filled life - we are committed to personal and corporate prayer & worship as a vital means of living intimacy with God and as the wellspring of all ministry, mission and maturity in Jesus Christ