Having really good friends is great! With good friends we can normally be ourselves without having to pretend.

Good friends know what we are like and usually make allowances for us when we get mad or upset. When we have problems good friends normally stand by us and try to help. But unfortunately good friendships don't always last and we can't always depend on our friends! Imagine however if you could talk to your best friend whenever you wanted to; that you knew that this friendship would last even if you let your friend down; that your friend would always understand you and be there for you whatever the circumstances!

Imagine that you could share your concerns, hopes and fears without your friend getting fed up with you. This sounds like a dream but it is picture of what prayer is like. We can talk to God about whatever we want and whenever we want.

We can count on God to listen to us whatever our circumstances and whatever we've done. We can be real with God and say just what we are thinking or feeling because he knows the real us - there is no need to pretend and put on a mask like we often do in everyday life! Nothing we can say will shock God. That is what prayer really is - it's talking to God.

At Crofton we are committed to prayer and we would love to pray for you! If there is anything on your mind that you would like us to pray for you about - don't hesitate to let us know - as we would be delighted to pray for you!

Please email us at Alternatively, if you would like someone to come to visit you and pray with you in person, or you would just like to talk to somebody - please let us know by emailing us at Please be assured that any prayer requests you send to us will be treated in the strictest confidence.