Visits to our Church Buildings

Many of our local schools regularly bring year groups or classes to visit one of our buildings to find out more about churches and the Christian faith. There are many artifacts, windows, memorials and inscriptions that the children invariably find very fascinating, as many pupils have never visited a church before.

Visits to support the RE curriculum

We are willing to come and share with individual school classes what the Christian faith means to us and how we came to faith; assist in the teaching on such topics as Marriage and Baptism or help out on school RE trips. “Role-playing” ceremonies with children often prove to be particularly popular!

Visits for School Assemblies

Crofton’s clegy and church members are happy to be involved in school assemblies especially around special Christian events like Christmas and Easter.

Assisting with reading and school governing

Some church members are already involved on school governing bodies or PTAs, and some help out as voluntary assistants in the classroom (often listening to children read). We are always interested in further developing such initiatives to support the staff and parents of our local schools.

School Christian Unions

There is a very active Christian union society at Crofton School.  Church members occasionally help out with meetings and weekend events.

To contact us to arrange visits or to ask for our help in any other way please feel free to e-mail us at , or telephone the church office (01329 661154) on Mondays to Fridays from 9 am to 1 pm.