Serving Locally

Crofton parish is passionate about supporting local initiatives. We believe that we have a God-given responsibility to respond to the needs of the wider community.

Local ventures the church is involved in include:

Cedaroak - a Gosport-based charity dedicated to giving love and support to those with unplanned pregnancies. Some of our church members are directly involved with this charity.

Residential Homes - the church offers personal visits to residents from respected and trusted members of Crofton; Holy Communion is available to individuals and/or small groups of residents, and prayer is offered for residents and/or their families for peace, healing and any other matters of concern.  Please contact the parish offfice if a relative or close friend in a residential home would appreciate a visit.

Tudor Lodge - people from our homegroups visit Tudor Lodge once a month to provide a short service for the residents. For further details please contact the parish office.

Churches Together - Crofton is committed to working with other churches in the Fareham area to proclaim the good news about Jesus and to be involved in joint educational, civic and social ventures.