Serving Overseas

Crofton parish is passionate about its support for overseas ventures. We believe that we have a God-given responsibility to respond to the needs of the wider world. The church has connections all over the world and we are thankful for the opportunities God has given us to help support some very exciting global projects

Overseas ventures which this church supports financially and through prayer include:



Compassion is an international Christian child development and sponsorship programme. Partnering with local churches they are committed to the spiritual, economic, social, educational and physical development of children living in extreme poverty in 26 countries, enabling these children to become responsible, fulfilled Christian adults.


Europe to Europe

Church member Graham Giles heads up this small charity which is involved in a number of projects in Romania. Out of Christian compassion, Graham got involved in Romania before the fall of the Iron Curtain, supporting persecuted Christians and other prisoners of conscience. With the fall of communism, the charity started a number of projects including supporting physically disabled young people, and over the years this has widened to include combating human trafficking, setting up a probation system in Romania and drug rehabilitation. In 2013 (the charity’s 30th anniversary) the charity installed X ray equipment in a rural hospital and during 2014 they plan to install 3 more identical Radiology units including one for TB patients.

The charity is constantly looking to bring Christ's love to people in practical ways.


IDWAL Ghana Link – St. Mark’s Essikadu

Crofton has had a mission link with St. Mark’s Essikadu since 2003.  In that time 11 people from Crofton have visited Ghana, several more than once.  We have also had visitors come from Ghana come in 2007 and 2012.  The link offers the opportunity to share different ways of being church and an understanding of a different country and culture.  Over the years, financial help and encouragement from Crofton has enabled St. Mark’s to build a new nursery school complex, replace the original 40 year old church windows and doors and assist parishioners in need through their parish support fund.

In February 2014 a group of 4 adults and 7 young people from Crofton are travelling to Ghana to spend a week at St. Mark’s working in the schools and various other activities along with socializing with the St. Mark’s young people and learning about each other.


A2B (Aid to Albania)

A2B is a Christian development agency working in Albania – one of Europe’s poorest countries. We bring hope, compassion and practical support to poor communities through The Buka e Jetes day centre which provides food, advice and community to vulnerable people in Elbasan. Each day around 50 children and elderly people come together to eat, enjoy valuable social interaction and know that someone cares for them. The centre also acts as a hub for A2B’s other activities; running a Kindergarten; educating children who would otherwise be on the streets; the family link activities; and as location for meeting some of the health needs of the local community.                                                                                                    


Enable the Children              

Enable the Children reaches out to provide Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy care and support to children with disabilities in Sierra Leone. They find patients in their own homes and teach the families or carers how to treat their own children using play, developmental positioning and feeding support. This promotes a more accepting relationship with these otherwise outcast children. Enable the Children has seen many improve in this love and go on to reach their full potential. Extensive poverty, traditional beliefs and illiteracy means the affected child is often rejected and abandoned and are seen as a curse on the family. Working with the mothers particularly, we have a unique opportunity to explain the causes of the problems medically and try to unravel the belief that they have done something wrong.                                                     Children's lives have been turned around - some have been given the opportunity to feed without choking because they were lying down, some have played with their hands for the first time, others have sat upright or stood at eye level with their friends for the first time, and more have enjoyed quality time with parents and siblings.

Barnabas Ministry of Encouragement

The Barnabas Ministry of Encouragement was launched in 1999 by Pastor Jim Palmer after 35 years of planting and pastoring churches across the UK. He has a Barnabas heart for ministry and felt called by God to focus more on his wider ministry connections. In 2005 he married Evelyn, who had been ministering in China for 10 years, aiding disabled orphans, together they now became Barnabastwo. Their ministry is now focused in the Philippines, mainly on the island of Mindanao, South Philippines, although they keep their first contact with ACJM Church in Manila, originally in a squatter’s area. They have a diverse ministry of mentoring, counseling and teaching Pastors and churches, as well as providing humanitarian aid in many forms. They are also establishing Shiloh Prayer Mountain, a site dedicated to the Lord, for quiet, peaceful reflection, in a beautiful setting, with a conference centre and dormitory, set in 9 hectares of land.