Useful Links

We are keen to promote links with other Christian websites, as well as community and other organisations that share the vision of the church.  We are always willing to consider links to other websites.  If you find one that you feel it would be appropriate to link to, please email us at


Christian Websites

Bible Gateway - this site allows you to search the Bible online in the foreign language of your choice.

Sport - if you are a Christian and you love sport - this is the site for you!

St Helen's Bishopsgate - this page provides a link to talks from one of London's evangelical Anglican churches.

Download the Bible onto your PC or notebook for free in a number of different languages.

Portsmouth Diocese - this site is a useful source of information about the other Anglican churches in the Diocese.

The Church of England - this is the main Anglican website for England. L'Abri

L'Abri - is a community in Greatham in Hampshire where people can go to explore questions about the Christian faith.  L'Abri is particularly interested in the arts, philosophy and faith.  Interesting talks can be downloaded for free off the website.


Community Sites

Fareham Action is a registered charity whose members represent over 120 local voluntary and community organisations in the Fareham area.

Crofton Community Centre is a great venue for all types of activities. Many different groups meet there on a regular basis. Click the link for further details.

Local GP's surgery Stubbington Medical Practice


Church Links

As a Parish church we have links with the following churches in Stubbington and the locality:

Shoreline church in Stubbington

Stubbington Baptist church

Methodist church in Stubbington

Locksheath Free church

Fareham Community church

Catholic church in Stubbington